Jane Thomson, Managing Director at EOH Infor Services

Jane Thomson, Managing Director at EOH Infor Services

By Jane Thomson, Managing Director at EOH Infor Services Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, operating as a Gold Partner

Business success requires a combination of skill, hard work, good timing and reliable support. In today’s modern world, software often provides this support, giving management the opportunity to automate processes and run their organisations like well oiled machines. With 2019 already starting off at a rapid pace, businesses must stay abreast of emerging technologies and software trends to capitalise on useful innovations.

These are my top three picks for trends and industries to watch in 2019…

Business Analytics

This is a field that is constantly evolving. This year, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that don’t incorporate machine learning and networked analytics will fall behind.

Solutions like Birst, for example, offer modern cloud BI and analytics, purpose built to optimise even the most complex business processes. In 2019, the key will be to deliver all of this innovation in an easy to use package, ensuring that users engage with the software and use it to its full potential.

Enterprise Resource Planning 

The goal of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is to deliver sharper tools and leaner margins. In 2019, we’ll see an even greater shift from on-premise ERP to the cloud. According to Forbes, the cloud computing market projected to reach $411b by 2020. This allows users to embrace software that enhances operations, without the need for expensive capital outlay. Cloud solutions are also easier to upgrade.

Working seamlessly with the move to the cloud, businesses are also given the opportunity to optimise ERP solutions that may have been implemented some time ago. With this shift, organisations can realign their ERP approach with new and improved digitalised business processes, giving them the power to extract maximum value for their investment.

Infor’s CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine), for example, offers customers across the globe end-to-end visibility into their operations, vastly improving:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Quality and service management
  • Business intelligence 

Hospitality Management Solutions

In South Africa, the pace of life can become overwhelming. Daily stressors take their toll – so when people take time off to relax, they expect excellent service. This demand places huge pressure on hospitality organisations, like hotels, restaurants and casinos.

Continuing on the cloud journey, we’re confident we’ll see a major shift in the approach to hospitality management. In 2019, the cloud shift will be matched with the mobile movement – as more and more customers turn to mobile devices to make their travel and leisure arrangements.

Infor’s CloudSuite Hospitality embraces both cloud technology and mobility to ensure guests receive the service they expect, and more. This is further enhanced by the Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), designed to personalise the guest experience.

2019 – the Year for Innovation

Whichever industry you’re operating in, 2019 is set to be a year for big cloud shifts, more mobile intelligence, and emerging technologies that go beyond what we would have imagined possible just five years ago.


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