Adriaan Rossouw, Sales Director at iOCO Infor Services

Adriaan Rossouw, Sales Director at iOCO Infor Services

By Adriaan Rossouw, Sales Director at iOCO Infor Services Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, operating as a Gold Partner

Modern businesses face tough cash and risk management challenges. From insufficient insight into their actual cash position, to managing cash forecasting manually on spreadsheets, inaccurate data and unreliable sources, it becomes increasingly difficult to make sound financial decisions.

These decisions rely on real-time data, and a proactive approach to compliance, financial and treasury management… and technology has the answer.

It’s Time to Consider A Treasury Management Solution

Infor delivers a comprehensive, integrated suite of solutions for corporate treasury and finance: Infor Advanced Treasury Management for CloudSuite Financials. With this SaaS suite, customers gain access to: Cash and Liquidity; Payments; Transaction Lifecycle Management; and Risk Management products.

Cash and Liquidity

CFOs and treasurers who use this product enjoy access to the visibility and reporting needed to optimise their cash, control bank accounts, manage liquidity, and deliver compliance. The solution offers various functions, including:

  • Cash Forecasting – With extensive options for entry, import, modeling, and measuring effectiveness
  • Cash Pooling and In-House Banking – Empowering clients to manage and track notional and physical multi-currency cash pools
  • Multilateral Netting – For simple or complex netting of multicurrency payables and receivables to calculate net positions
  • Accounting and Compliance – Generating journal entries for all cash and liquidity modules


Infor Advanced Treasury for CloudSuite Financials is a highly secure platform, offering global, multi-bank payment solutions:

  • Supporting corporate payment and disbursement workflows, including payment factories and payments-on-behalf-of (POBO)
  • Offering complete security and separation of duties
  • Delivering standardised, secure, and monitored transmissions to all major global banking partners
  • Providing multiple routing options to banks
  • Ensuring format transformation for ERP to-bank connectivity
  • Facilitating treasury payments

Transaction Lifecycle Management

With the ability to manage and track debt and investments, and with full integration with Infor’s cash management, payables, and global ledger, straight-through processing is guaranteed. External debt and investment management are fully supported, including intercompany loans.

This gives users powerful access to the full transaction lifecycle: deal entry/import, interest calculations, accounting, valuations, and reporting.

Risk Management

Featuring extensive exposure management, valuations, risk analysis and derivative and hedge accounting functionality, Infor’s Treasury solutions are embedded with critical market data. Additionally, trade portal integration delivers complete workflows to support hedging programmes and ensure regulatory compliance.

With this platform, users manage their cash flow effectively, optimise their working capital, and centralise their payment processing, while reducing the risk of payment fraud. To learn more about how iOCO Infor Services can help you achieve this, CLICK HERE.

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