Mark Bannerman, Managing Director at EOH Infor Services

Mark Bannerman, Managing Director at EOH Infor Services

By Mark Bannerman, Managing Director at EOH Infor Services Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, operating as a Gold Partner

The world continues to embrace emerging technology. As its adoption increases, so it becomes ever more essential for business intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for smarter BI.

Infor Birst is leading the industry in this drive to automate BI solutions, ensuring speed, self-service and agility. Even with a complex mix of enterprise and local data, Infor Birst offers Automatic Data Refinement (ADR), Live Access, and query federation. These features allow for rapid data combination and refining, regardless of changes in the data model.

Smart Analytics

Infor Birst believes that smart analytics comprise AI-powered BI, which hold the power to transform every employee into a data-driven decision maker. As such, it has carefully developed tools that deliver AI-powered insights, elevating organisations above mundane, traditional reports, and automating insights. The result? A dramatically expanded BI reach.

Data Science

By embracing AI, organisations are empowered to leverage data science to achieve:

  • Greater insights, faster, and more accurately
  • Profound decision making power
  • The ability to take action based on real information, for the desired result

The AI Driven Analytics Experience

Customers who have implemented Infor Birst’s Smart Analytics agree – it’s worth the investment:

“With Infor Birst Smart Analytics, our business users are automatically presented with deeper, root cause analysis without having to depend on an analyst or a data scientist. We can uncover reasons why labor costs are high this week, for example. Or we can make smarter menu recommendations to our ecommerce customers. Infor Birst automatically finds relationships hidden in our data and presents them to our decision makers in easy-to-understand dashboards.” – Matt Riley, Lead Data Warehouse Engineer Specialty’s Café & Bakery.

Key Advantages to Linking Analytics & AI

  • Explaining business behaviors automatically with visualisations and dashboards
  • Connecting business users with collaborative, extensible analytics by leveraging Infor Birst’s pioneering Networked BI technology
  • Delivering transparent insights for more confident decisions by providing transparent, easy-to-interpret results

The Era of AI-Powered BI

Does your analytics solution deliver improved business performance through the integration and analysis of data? If not, it’s falling short. In the wake of Industry 4.0, the business intelligence paradigm is shifting. Is your business staying ahead of the trend or being left behind? An Infor White Paper expands on this, offering suggestions on how to harness AI to realise increased operational performance in a powerfully significant way.

The White Paper confirms that the mainstream arrival of AI-enabled capabilities has profound implications for individuals and companies using BI and analytics applications.

These capabilities include:

  • Automated insights
  • Natural language
  • Intelligent predictions
  • Intelligent recommendations

With these capabilities:

  • BI and analytics are made available to more people than ever before
  • Organisations are operating in a smarter way, through low-cost computing power
  • A BI solution that self-discovers insights becomes a reality


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