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Fluctuating raw material costs, variable prices, rising energy and transportation costs together with complex equipment are all challenges you face on a daily basis. Infor Manufacturing is a purpose-built solution suite that manages the complete manufacturing operation, from financials and scheduling to shop floor management, quality control, and analytics. With support for multiple manufacturing strategies, you’ll improve process efficiency, more accurately manage your cost position, better meet customer expectations, and accelerate growth. You’ll also enjoy visibility across the global supply chain, and system-wide transparency for all key stakeholders – from suppliers to customers.

The Infor Industrial Manufacturing advantage

Improve global supply chain planning and transparency across all within the extended supply chain.

Achieve a higher level of performance with intelligent scheduling and dispatching tools that allow higher resolution rates and a shorter order-to-cash cycle to increase profits and improve customer loyalty.

Keep equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets in top shape to help cut purchasing costs, inventory levels, and inventory carrying costs, while maximizing profits.

Quickly respond to dynamic market shifts, customer expectations, global competition and supply chains, cost fluctuations, and accelerated innovation cycles.

Gain complete, real-time visibility into critical data from all business areas, valuable sales and operational KPIs, enabling action to be taken immediately when needed.

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