Digital transformation is a modern necessity. To begin on this journey, a true understanding of what exactly DT means must be developed. CIO defines digital transformation as “the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact in a strategic and prioritised way.”

Heilet Scholtz, Executive at Softworx, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, believes that this must go further than mere acceleration. “Digital transformation is about the need for businesses to outpace digital disruption and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business environment.”

There are four key tips to embracing this digital journey, ultimately bolstering the success of your organisation. In every industry – from manufacturing to healthcare, facilities or asset management and hospitality – moving towards becoming a digital, service-focussed organisation begins with a clear digital vision. This requires the development of a strategy for digital transformation.


  • Build a digital transformation strategy

Any journey begins with a plan. When embarking on a road trip, the traveller must map out the preferable route, adjust for any road works or traffic, and decide which direction to proceed in. Similarly, driving your organisation towards digital prowess requires a sound strategy. Start with the end in mind, define your vision, and develop an actionable tool that will help you to achieve your objectives.


  • Design the experiences you want to create

 According to an Actual-Experience Digital Experience Quality Report, “93% of business leaders believe that their customers’ digital experience is very or extremely important to their organisation’s success, and 88% believe the same thing about their employees’ digital experience.” A key portion of the digital transformation journey is implementing “design-first thinking”. Focusing on the experiences you want to create for your end-users; not merely the requirements of the solution.


  • Put plans into action

Planning your route means nothing until you get in car and start driving. Your business’ digital transformation strategy, and the design of your vision, will not automatically transform the organisation. Action is required to assemble the parts of these plans into a seamless and unified experience.


  • Implement and activate

Now it’s time to put everything into practice and drive your vision forward. The final leg of the digital transformation journey is getting – and keeping – everything running smoothly in the Cloud or on-premise. Regardless of the method, it is essential to implement a plan for continuous management and support. This journey must be an ever-evolving process, advancing in line with technological developments, ensuring that the organisation remains at the forefront of the digital transformation journey.


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