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Infor Enterprise Financial Management solutions help organizations to accelerate growth while keeping cost and risk under control.

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Our clients, many of whom are South Africa’s leading companies, need far more than technical support, they need strategic partners who can wield technology to the needs and challenges facing them in today’s dynamic and volatile environment.

With Infor Enterprise Financial Management solutions, we’ve helped organizations to accelerate growth while keeping cost and risk under control.

From core financial and enterprise performance management solutions that let you drive your business to governance, to risk, compliance and expense management systems that let you protect and control it, Infor’s mobile, globally-enabled and highly adaptable solutions have exponential benefits.

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The competitive advantage

Infor's Enterprise Financial Management solutions are used by over 25,000 customers worldwide. The suite of solutions will empower you to:

  • Get anytime, anywhere access to systems and information.
  • Speed decision-making and reduce errors by having workflows and alerts come to you - wherever you are.
  • Use social business technology to make communications auditable and collaboration the rule, not the exception.
  • Effectively support growth strategies, no matter where in the world your business may go.
  • Keep costs under control.
  • Automate monitoring for fraud and risk, while eliminating hundreds of hours from each audit cycle.

What is Enterprise Financial Management?

Enterprise Financial Management (EFM) refers to the methodology and software that an organization uses to oversee and govern its income, expenses, and assets.

With the goal of protecting profits and ensuring sustainability, an effective financial management system should improve business performance by streamlining invoicing and bill collection, eliminating accounting errors, keeping all payments and receivables transparent, minimizing record-keeping redundancy, ensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulations by creating a complete and accurate audit trail, helping personnel to quantify budget planning, and finally, by minimizing overall paperwork.

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