Director at iOCO Infor Services

Director at iOCO Infor Services

By Jane Thomson, Director at iOCO Infor Services Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, operating as a Gold Partner

Whether or not you’ve embraced digital transformation, there’s no denying that cloud solutions offer massive savings both in cost and time. When specifically built to industry needs, CloudSuites are cost-effective and reduce implementation time. Across the manufacturing and distribution sectors, improving operational efficiency is critical – and this cannot be achieved without effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

What’s Needed for Modern ERP?

Modern ERP should function to reduce overheads. Cloud-based ERP solutions take this one step further, not only reducing existing costs, but making the entire process more economical by eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure. Infor’s CloudSuite ERP Cloud Solutions offer this and more, with unique benefits:

  • The solutions support specific industries, from process and discrete manufacturing to public sector, retail, and healthcare
  • Unmatched user experience
  • Enhanced usability and functional depth, following decades of application by over 70 000 customers in 164 countries
  • Flexibility to support business growth, emerging technology and operational innovations
  • The power to automate and manage key business processes, better matching supply with demand

Faster Implementation, Less Cost

When a project overruns its projected completion date, the cost implications can be devastating. When it comes to software, moving slowly also means that the functionality or infrastructure might be outdated by the time you go live. The cloud advantage means that:

  • Solutions are more economical, making them more accessible
  • Infor CloudSuite solutions can be implemented without any customisation
  • All the resources and equipment needed to get up and running are handled by Infor’s partner, Amazon Web Service™ (AWS®)
  • Customers enjoy faster implementation time than with typical on-premises solutions
  • With cloud deployments, upgrade installations, testing and maintenance requirements are eliminated

The result? Complete solutions that won’t cost a fortune to upgrade and can be operational within 16 weeks.

Product Focus: Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

This Infor product is a robust ERP solution, which provides organisation-wide visibility and is deployed in the cloud. Manufacturers and distributors who use SyteLine experience improved productivity and can respond faster to change. With a birds-eye view of their operations, from selling and sourcing to production and fulfillment, the businesses simply perform better.


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