By Rentia Austin, Senior Account Executive at EOH Infor Services Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, operating as a Gold Partner

Adriaan Rossouw, Sales Director at EOH Infor Services

Adriaan Rossouw, Sales Director at EOH Infor Services


EOH Infor Services recently launched the Infor Hospitality suite of solutions to the African market, with events held in Cape Town and Johannesburg. According to Adriaan Rossouw, Sales Director, EOH Infor Services the industry is in need of re-invention.

“When expectations are not met, customers will exercise their power of choice and go elsewhere. What these organisations need is to partner with a provider that will drive tailored hospitality solutions to deliver business change, making their own establishment the one to choose.”


What Does it Take to Make a Vacation Feel Like an Adventure?

An Infor video details the journey required to achieve a truly superior customer experience in hospitality. The answer?

  • Great service is in the details
  • Customers want entertainment, convenience, value, and great service

To stay ahead of your competitors, without bankrupting your organisation, you need technology designed for your needs – and to meet those of your customers.

Enter Infor Hospitality

These solutions are purpose built to manage the entire hospitality business, from the front desk to the back office. Why? So you can deliver excellence, create unique, personalised customer experiences, and keep them coming back for more.

With multi-region, multi-language functionality, and a strong mobile functionality, the Infor Hospitality suite offers establishments a best in breed solution. The suite covers:

  • Property Management
  • Performance Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Asset Management
  • Human Capital Management… and more

Taking Infor Hospitality into Africa

Rossouw states that the strategy to launch this suite of solutions to Africa entails a strong cloud focus. Wolfgang Emperger, VP Infor Hospitality EMEA, LATAM and India agrees, confirming that the markets will be grown carefully, in order to build a solid reputation. “There are so many opportunities – there is so much desire – in the hotel segment for an innovative alternative. This is what we will bring to the market.”

Benefits Specific to the African Market

Manouel Mourant Samper, Channel Account Manager at Infor, lists the following solution benefits:

  • Solution flexibility to meet varying cultural, language and technological needs
  • Extending further than hospitality core solutions to incorporate Asset Management and Performance Management
  • This is a business solution, not a mere software product
  • Specialised by industry to meet specific needs
  • Effectively breaks silos to connect guests, businesses and eco-systems for greater customer satisfaction

Rossouw adds:

  • User friendliness and mobile capabilities meet local market needs, where mobile capabilities exceed computer literacy
  • Encompasses the answer to the need for business critical solutions

Hospitality Software Trends to Watch

Emperger believes it’s time for hospitality to get rid of legacy hardware in the basement, eliminating this safety risk in favour of a community Cloud model that doesn’t age. With this, comes open architecture, ensuring a seamless experience, both technically and commercially.

He believes the trends to watch (which Infor Hospitality already embraces) include:

  • Cloud
  • Open architecture
  • Consumer-grade business applications
  • Big Data (going further than gathering information)
  • AI for self-acting and self-learning
  • Mobility

The time to embrace the digital African hotel is now.


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