• 4 July 2019     CRM, Hospitality, Press Release

    tech, personalisation & the guest experience

    The word “personalisation” carries many connotations. Perhaps it’s a monogram or engraving to signify ownership of an object. Or maybe it’s home décor, what makes the space your own. What may not have made your list of highly personalised experiences is a hotel room – or even a hotel stay. Odd, isn’t it? Especially now […]

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  • 22 September 2017     CRM, ERP, Event, Infor, Press Release

    Acquisitions, artificial intelligence and digital transformation at Infor Next

    Contrary to the predictions of the futuristic movies of the 80s, the “rise of the machines” will not be the downfall of mankind – but rather deliver the business application support system that drives greater efficiencies with more intelligence, less error and greater data control. As enterprise software continues to evolve, the introduction of mainstream […]

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  • 23 September 2016     CRM, The cloud

    Streamlining CRM – One of the 2016 sales trends

    Many companies have invested in feature-rich customer relationship management (CRM) systems only to find the functionalities are not being fully utilised or used at all by their sales teams. In many instances, these technologies are either overly complicated, requiring excessive administration by sales teams, or missing the mark completely on the actual requirements of salespeople […]

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