Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) – In the quest for success and business advantage, every business should seek to gain unprecedented insight into its operations and leverage data as an asset. Near real time information is essential to making informed decisions in a fast changing world, requiring frequent strategy and operational adjustments, while leveraging digital transformation. With near real data insights at hand rather than just heaps of data, those at the helm can steer the ship in the right direction and weather any storm that may arise.

From automotive to aerospace, fashion, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, the public sector, and countless more, any business or organisation that has staff and finances requires Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM).

According to Woudre Van Zyl, Team Leader, BI/EPM Consultants at EOH Infor Services, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, Infor d/EPM effectively delivers better insights for informed decision making. How is this achieved?

Unique Capabilities

An in-memory analytics platform provides instant consolidation of data and immediate user feedback. This means businesses enjoy:

  • Deep analytics and insight
  • Intelligent financial performance management
  • Business intelligence at any time, on any device
  • Ability to manage by exception, while still being able to access the detail easily
  • Automation of non value add activities within the finance team

How Does it Work?

Through Infor d/EPM, data is collected from source applications. This data is then automatically translated into business insights, using an integrated solution suite. The results are presented in a visual, user-friendly interface, which is updated every time a change is made.

“With a single version of the truth, businesses are empowered to take advantage of innovative technologies like mobility and in-memory computing,” confirms Van Zyl.

Infor d/EPM Innovative Features

To ensure the deployment of innovative performance management across the enterprise, Infor d/EPM delivers these unique, forward-thinking features in one integrated solution:

  1. Budgeting and planning
  2. Financial consolidation
  3. Workforce budgeting
  4. Cost allocations
  5. Strategy management
  6. Capital planning
  7. Business intelligence

Better User Experience

One of the biggest deterrents to effective business intelligence (BI) is the perception that it is complicated, and that an IT degree is required to analyse and understand the information. With Infor d/EPM users enjoy access to business and financial performance data anytime, anywhere, so staff can make better decisions while ensuring the business performs better.

Perform Better

With agile business and financial performance management software in place, businesses have greater access to their data. “With this information readily available, organisations become proactive, ensuring that they aren’t relying on archaic strategies that are no longer relevant or effective. Decisions are based on real information, rather than assumptions,” she adds.

How to get Better Business Insights

Step 1:             Implement Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management

Step 2:             Integrate, combine and connect systems for unprecedented insight into your business with:

  • Decisions in context
  • Predictive analysis
  • Insights on the go
  • Pre-packaged content
  • Better investment decisions
  • A single source of truth
  • Built-in collaboration
  • Proactive monitoring

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