In a world currently driven by all things transformation, the revolution of working practices must be given its due consideration. From disruptive business software to digital transformation, the optimisation of investments and services, and the need for (transformative) speed – businesses that do not focus on empowering the organisation to perform better will soon be left behind.

Louis Efron, a globally recognised thought leader, speaker, writer and Fortune 200 HR Executive, believes technology must empower employees. “Technology in an organisation today must enable people to be more productive, efficient and innovative; stay connected internally and externally; and feel safe and cared for. It should facilitate the comfortable and expeditious flow of people, ideas and emotions,” he says. “In the world we now live in, poor or outdated technology limits human experience in significant ways.”

Heilet Scholtz, Executive at EOH Infor Services, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa.

To address this need, software providers must strategically partner with clients to ensure they optimally utilise their assets, better streamline their processes and make sharper strategic decisions. According to Heilet Scholtz, Executive at EOH Infor Services, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, this is the focus of the upcoming “Infor Day” roadshow.

The roadshow aims to educate the market on digital transformation trends and best practices, while underscoring the power of speed to insight with reliable analytical tools. Expert speakers will share how applications are being designed for progress, in order to transform the way people work.

“Topics discussed on the day will focus on innovation and technology to address the specific needs and trends experienced in the business environment today. Insights will also be shared into the power of extending existing software solutions, to improve productivity and lower costs,” advises Scholtz.

Designed for progress, with the intention of helping organisations to kick-start their digital transformation journey, the roadshow will include an Infor Day in;

  • Johannesburg (27 February 2018),
  • Durban (28 February 2018),
  • Port Elizabeth (1 March 2018),
  • and Cape Town (2 March 2018).

The executive keynote will focus on Disruptive Business Software, and will be followed by a presentation on digital transformation, entitled: “What does it mean – why should you care?” Panel and group discussions will also be held to enhance interactive learning.

“The key to transformative success is the utilisation of software that is purpose-built for specific industries. Suites must be designed to support progress – for individuals, for businesses, and across networks. From social collaboration tools to enhanced mobility, deep industry-specific functionality, and an intuitive user interface, modern solutions should empower innovation and provide the means to stay competitive,” concludes Scholtz.

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