Ever wondered which business intelligence (BI) capabilities drive business success? With the right analytics tools at hand, organisations can achieve a new level of trusted insight and decision-making power. To achieve this, the traditional, siloed approach to operations must be eliminated, creating a connected network of data that drives better performance.

This can only be achieved by connecting centralised and decentralised teams and applications via a network of analytics services. According to Thabiso Hlatshwayo, Presales Manager at Softworx, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, Birst is the best tool for the job. “Built using innovative, patented technologies, Birst harnesses the power of analytics. It empowers every information worker to accelerate the process of delivering insights across the entire organisation,” he says.

What is Networked Business Intelligence?

Just as business units should not operate in silos, data, BI and analytics must be brought together to deliver maximum impact. How does Birst help you achieve this?

  • Ground-breaking approach to analytics
  • Connect every part of your organisation via a shared analytical fabric
  • Eliminate data silos and accelerate the delivery of analytics
  • Enable people to work with trusted data
  • Leverage new capabilities made available by modern technologies, like: cloud computing; multi-tenancy; virtualisation; and web-scale architectures
  • End-user self service

“Trusted and well governed data is possible – without sacrificing speed and ease of use,” adds Hlatshwayo.

How Does a “Shared Analytical Fabric” Work?

The Infor eBook entitled The Future of BI is Networked, the “shared analytical framework” is described as: “The analytical fabric is a living network of data and insights that connects every part of an organisation. Every person plugged into the network can benefit from data produced by other people, as well as extend it with their own data. Because all data added to the fabric is governed under the same business logic, analytical silos are never created so there is no ambiguity around what a particular dimension or KPI means.”

What’s the Result?

With Birst networked BI, businesses are given the opportunity to consume the data and analytics in a way that mirrors the real world, empowering intelligent decision making and better strategies.

This delivers “enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed and end-user freedom,” says Infor. In practice, networked BI is already delivering real-time, reliable data visibility by expertly connecting thousands of manufacturers to tens of thousands of retailers.

Redefine the Way BI is Delivered and Consumed

“With its Networked BI capability, Birst comes close to the ideal of a ‘single version of the truth’ with one corporatewide semantic layer. The solution supports centralized governance while allowing business units and individuals freedom via the use of ‘virtual spaces’,” stated Martha Bennett in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Business Intelligence Platforms White Paper (Q4 2015).


It’s time to connect the enterprise, through data.


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