In 2016, it was said that modern manufacturing had come of age. Yet, just two short years later, it has become evident that manufacturers must continue to innovate faster, while shortening product lifecycles to remain competitive. Bringing more new products and services to market faster is now a baseline requirement, rather than the mark of the distinct few “overachievers”.

“To succeed in this fiercely competitive, high-paced environment, manufacturing entities need a solution that helps them rapidly engineer responsive business processes, while instantly adapting to changing requirements,” believes Thabiso Hlatshwayo, Presales Manager at EOH Infor Services, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa.

Enter Infor LN  

With Infor LN, businesses are given unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities that combine a revolutionary, innovative user experience design with industry-tailored manufacturing functionality built to last through dramatic market changes. One of the ways to achieve this is through systems that bend without breaking.

Hlatshwayo confirms that implementing this solution delivers five distinct benefits, which set manufacturers apart.

1. Standardising Processes Using Proven Industry Best Practices

To manufacture complex products, modern manufacturers desperately need technology with industry-tailored functionality. To be effective, this technology must:

  • Allow for real time access to information anywhere, anytime with modern devices
  • Be user-friendly and intuitive
  • Be quick to implement (requiring a smaller capital investment)
  • Improve the way people work

2. Master Complexity

  • Gain confidence with global financial visibility
  • Deliver operational excellence
  • Create low-cost, agile supply chains
  • Make the transition to a service-centric business model

3. Discover the Power of Extensibility

“To address your business needs beyond your ERP system, the Infor technology platform known as the Infor Operating Service (IOS) connects Infor LN with many other best-in class applications that can address even the toughest business problems. Further extending Infor LN’s capabilities to adapt to changing business needs rapidly, Infor Ming.le™ brings the power of social networking to ERP, helping employees collaborate virtually to solve problems quickly,” confirms Infor.

This ensures that manufacturers thrive in a world of mass customisation, while mastering complex projects.

4. Gain Focused, Interactive Insights

Infor LN is a powerful tool to help manufacturing enterprises to develop actionable insight and minimise risk. This, combined with Infor LN Analytics, provides the most accurate, timely operational information. Why? With greater visibility, manufacturers can clearly see the connection between strategy and results, updating their approach for success. 

5. Empower the Entire Organisation 

  • Transforms ERP solutions from a system of record to a system of engagement
  • Empower the entire organisation
  • Connect people across the organisation to customer data and business processes
  • Find the best fit for specific roles and tasks
  • Information- and event-driven, bringing relevant insights and prioritised tasks to the end-user, with tools such as inbuilt workflow
  • Greater productivity with access to contextual information
  • Maintain a central document source, enterprise wide, across disparate systems


With best-in-class global financials, supply chain, manufacturing, project, and service lifecycle management capabilities, the entire organisation is empowered through a next-generation user experience.


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