The Customer is King… or so they say. This single adage could be the most important ingredient in the recipe for success – yet so many businesses get it wrong. The Fourth Industrial Revolution drives greater reliance on electronics and information technology, bringing with it the opportunity to use digital transformation to enhance customer experience, and propel customer satisfaction to new heights.

In the pursuit of the ultimate customer experience, there are four questions to ask:

  1. Were the customers’ needs met?
  2. Did we surpass their expectations?
  3. Have we correctly managed the customer relationship?
  4. Does each customer receive the same, high-quality experience?

A 2016 Digital Marketing Trends Report by Econsultancy and Adobe found that the single most exciting opportunity for businesses was customer experience. CX, as it’s known, is defined by SuperOffice as interactions between a customer and an organisation throughout their business relationship. “An interaction can include awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases and service.”

Customer relationship management requires the implementation of practices, strategies and technologies that companies can use to manage, record and evaluate customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. This information builds in-depth awareness about the customer experience, evaluating their level of satisfaction and ensuring that the business is delivering what the customers need.

Walker Info reports that, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. While 54 percent of consumers regularly share their bad experiences with more than five people, only 33 percent will share good experiences. With so many modern, instant and constant distractions, customers have access to endless research to facilitate their buying decision. To attract, keep and impress customers, modern businesses must create a satisfying, consistent customer experience across all channels. Making a good impression then becomes critical to building a brand that is considered reliable to its target market.

Consider this and impress your customers…

Create a Customer Experience Strategy

What customer experience do you want to achieve? Brainstorm, plan and develop a sound engagement strategy that will leave customers enthusiastic and wanting more. A critical component of this strategy is ensuring that you know exactly who your customers are, and what they need.

Be Attentive

Use the information at hand (in a world where you can find out just about anything about anyone at the click of a button) to create memorable CX. Entrepreneur uses New York restaurateur, Danny Meyer, as an example.

“His employees are trained to notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest. If you happen to mention when making a reservation that it’s a birthday dinner, the manager will make it a point to come to the table and extend Danny’s birthday wishes to the appropriate person. If a staff member overhears a conversation in which one of the guests mentions they either like or dislike something, within minutes, everyone who might come into contact with that guest knows about it.”

Real-time Data Capturing

There’s no time like the present. In the moment, as the customer decides whether they are satisfied; that’s when you need their feedback. With the right data science, businesses are perfectly positioned to identify big opportunities—and capitalise on them. The key to capturing data is, however, using it! Don’t let this vital information go to waste. To ease this process, organisations are beginning to transform their operations, aligning legacy systems with better experience measurement and management platforms. This allows for greater personalisation, further enhancing the customer experience.

Deliver Customer Advocacy and Engagement Across the Enterprise

Innovative, broad and seamless digital engagement solutions are increasingly offering tools to ensure superior CX. These solutions must be innovative, based on experience, and developed by industry experts, ensuring that the business can deliver the best experience to every customer at scale.

Superior customer experience takes customers from acquisition to advocates. 2018 is the year for businesses to focus on delivering the best possible experience throughout the entire customer journey.


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