What does the future of Business Intelligence look like? According to Sydney-based BI specialist, Sandeep Rao, here are 3 trends to look out for…

future of BI

  1. Simplification – Every product needs to end up in the hands of its final user. BI’s real users are the decision makers in a company, statuesquely called the “Executives”. BI has successfully transitioned from the obscure backrooms of IT into the realms of analysts. However, the journey will end when the Executives (most of whom are not very tech-savvy) can use appropriate tools to aid their primary job-making decisions.
  2. Specialization – As humans we seek specialist medical opinion for anything more than the flu as we want expert analysis on matters critical to us as individuals. Similarly, each industry and each firm is as unique as would be their data and practices. The era of generic, domain-agnostic systems will give way to systems that have deep understanding of the client’s business vertical. Specialist systems built on emerging technologies such as machine learning, knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence and the like will provide invaluable insights to the Executives on matters specific to their industry vertical to enable better decision making.
  3. Personalization – Many current solutions are too hard to use and too complicated to implement and maintain. They provide limited utility to the bottom-line focused Executives. Smart BI, with sophisticated technology that is almost transparent, resulting in personal digital assistants will unlock the vast under-tapped potential of the BI promise.

The combination of these three factors will result in the next wave of explosion in Business Intelligence – penetrating the small to medium enterprises and truly unlocking the potential of BI for more businesses.