By Barry Diedericks, EAM Subject Matter Expert at EOH Infor Services, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa

In the hospitality industry, “be our guest” holds more promise than ever before. Businesses operating in this sector are under pressure to make better decisions faster, manage their online business in real time, use mobile technology to streamline operations, and build superior guest experiences. This is all possible – with the right Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution.

If this is implemented and these goals are achieved, revenue potential will be maximised. The business will have succeeded in differentiating itself from the competition, leveraging quick and easy access to data via in-context business intelligence.

Here are five good reasons why modern hotels use EAM:

1. Guest Incident Management
2. Predictive Maintenance
3. Sustainability
4. Alters & Reporting
5. Mobility

1. Guest Incident Management

With an effective and reliable call center, accurate call logs can be maintained ensuring the organisation has access to guest history. With the ability to track incidents, trends can be determined, and future incidents avoided.

The Infor Hospitality advantage offers the ability to maintain call logs, including calls received regarding:

• Informative incidents
• Area information such as events scheduled
• Repair incidents
• Issues with facilities, like leaking toilets in guest rooms
• Request incidents
• Additional items, like more towels needed

2. Preventative Maintenance

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. With Infor Hospitality, maintenance can be scheduled based on time or stays, including:

• Fixed Schedule – Room maintenance every 30 days
• Variable Schedule – Room maintenance every 30 days after completion of last inspection
• Meter Based Schedule – Room maintenance every 30 stays

3. Sustainability

In the tourism sector, sustainability must go further than avoiding the washing of towels. As an industry, the need for environmental protection grows exponentially with every new hotel, lodge, or guest house built. EAM assists modern hospitality enterprises to:

• Track energy consumption of rooms, HVAC, boilers, facilities, elevators and more
• Calculate energy efficiency based on design and actual consumption
• Manage carbon footprints
• Benchmark performance

4. Alerts & Reporting

Effective management requires access to the right information at the right time. Reliable data leads to trustworthy reports that can be used for strategic decision making. With effective EAM, businesses are empowered with access to:

• Incident reports and analyses
• Alert management systems
• Alerts based on energy consumption
• Alerts for work orders
• CO² emission reports

5. Mobility

Mobility is becoming an essential element in every business management process. In hospitality, Infor’s mobility solutions deliver measurable mobility benefits – whether on an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Various tasks can be scheduled instantly, including:

• Creating and updating work orders
• Updating inspection tasks
• Booking labour
• Issuing parts
• Printing reports
• Uploading pictures
• Updating inspection tasks

Why do modern hotels use EAM? With a full suite of financial and operations applications that streamline the management of the online and guest experience, Infor Hospitality solutions let employees focus on improving guest service and enhancing the bottom line. It’s a win-win.

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