It’s strange to think that just a few decades ago people were satisfied with sending a letter or fax and waiting for a response. There was no way of really knowing whether communication had been received and read, and we simply had to accept delayed gratification as the status quo. Today, we demand immediate answers, we know the minute someone has read a message or email, and waiting an hour for a response seems unreasonably long.

With this rise of instant gratification, self-service becomes increasingly important. Playing on the adage that “if you want something done, do it yourself”, self-service features allow people to engage with software to extract the information needed, without resorting to traditional search or request approaches.

According to Jane Thomson, a Director of EOH Infor Services, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, the self-service marketplace allows customers to launch their own requests for consulting services directly from the Infor Services home page. “This empowers customers to access near-real time data, without waiting for IT to respond to a request, or close a support ticket. With the speed of operations across the globe, we cannot afford to wait a day, a week, or a month for information requested.”

The Benefits of Self-Service Features

  • Instant Access to Information  

Self-service portals offer customers access to the exact information they want, when they need it, in just a few clicks. This increases efficiency, saving both time and resources usually required to access information.

  • Reduce Customer Service Costs

When customers attend to their own queries via self-service, the demand on call-centres and support staff is drastically decreased. If the software works well, customers will feel empowered to find solutions to their problems as they arise.

  • Revolutionise the Marketplace 

Self-service buying has become the norm across the globe. From subscriptions to products and services, self-service enrollment eases the demand on infrastructure and increases the size of the target market.

Infor’s Self-Service Solutions

“Having fully embraced the self-service movement, Infor offers the ultimate self-service experience,” adds Thomson.

These solutions include Infor CloudSuite Employee Self Service, which was developed to simplify human resource management. In addition to making human resources (HR) information more accurate, complete, and up-to-date, this cloud solution gives employees more autonomy around their benefits, leave applications, and essential employment information.

Infor Concierge amplifies customer service by delivering access to rich, personalised, and actionable information. According to Infor; “this tool provides Infor customers with access to updates on support incidents, quick views and voting on product enhancements, dates and information on product-specific education classes and webinars, and one place to find all product documentation.”

Imagine a world in which you can instantly find answers to pressing questions… that world is self-service.

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