By Rentia Austin, Senior Account Executive at EOH Infor Services Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, operating as a Gold Partner

Perhaps more than ever before, the phrase “customer is King” is compelling industries across the globe to innovate their operations. Clients require excellence at every interaction; and in the hospitality industry, this means delivering the ultimate guest experiences.

Modern Customer Expectations

Today, customers expect instant gratification, and access to everything they want, the minute they need it. They demand:

  • More ways to interact with hotels, casinos and restaurants
  • Fast, intelligent, consistent service
  • Personalised guest experiences

How Do You Give Customers What They Want?

With a full suite of financial and operations applications that help you manage the online and guest experience, the Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS™) lets your employees focus on improving guest service and enhancing your bottom line.

Infor Hospitality is helping over 20 000 hotels, restaurants, and casinos in more than 100 countries drive CX, streamline operations and perform better. It helps establishments to:

  • Decrease costs, raise profits, grow their business
  • Build the loyalty that keeps guests coming back for more
  • Improve collaboration internally and externally
  • Get the added security of a PCI/PADSS-compliant solution

Digital Transformation Driving Guest Experiences

Today’s consumers are very connected and mobile. Infor reports that:

  • In 2016, 52% of all travel reservations were made online
  • 65% of same-day hotel reservations made from a smartphone

Hospitality organisations that don’t meet their customers’ need for a digital presence, and mobile operations, will soon become irrelevant.

Infor HMS arms the hospitality industry with in-context business intelligence, detailed guest history, preference profiles, and recommendations presented at the point of guest interaction. This means you can react in real time and surprise your guests with an even better experience than they had imagined.

The End Result?

Infor Hospitality is empowering hospitality organisations to attract more guests and give them a superior guest experience from arrival to departure. With the power to manage online business in real time, and the application of mobile technology, operations are streamlined and guests are assured that they get what they pay for – and more.

When in-context, real-time business intelligence is available, better decisions are made and the business performs better. This quick, easy access to data (and real insights from that data) gives Infor customers the upper hand, differentiating them from the competition. The result is happier customers, driving increased sales, maximised revenue potential and reduced labour costs.

The Purpose?

To ensure the delivery of superior guest experiences.


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