• 29 January 2019     Business Intelligence, Infor, Press Release

    building a new BI point of view

    In a data rich world, business intelligence (BI) must move past static information and siloed analyses. Modern BI must connect teams and applications across the enterprise via a trusted network of analytics and insights. This ensures that the business gains a comprehensive view of its operations, empowering it to make smarter decisions and perform better. […]

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  • optimising complex business processes with modern cloud BI

    optimising complex business processes with modern cloud BI

    By Jane Thomson, Managing Director at EOH Infor Services (formerly Softworx) Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, operating as a Gold Partner What do businesses need to optimise complex business processes? The first step is making good business decisions quickly by understanding the results of the business better. This relies on business intelligence (BI) and analytics. In […]

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  • 7 November 2018     Business Intelligence, Press Release

    building a connected, trusted, smart enterprise

    Business intelligence (BI) is an essential element to the success of any organisation. Without fully understanding the data within the business, without a true understanding of its operational performance (or lack thereof), reliable and effective strategies cannot be built. In the wake of Industry 4.0, savvy enterprises are asking how they can experience a new […]

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  • the value of networked business intelligence

    the value of networked business intelligence

    Ever wondered which business intelligence (BI) capabilities drive business success? With the right analytics tools at hand, organisations can achieve a new level of trusted insight and decision-making power. To achieve this, the traditional, siloed approach to operations must be eliminated, creating a connected network of data that drives better performance. This can only be […]

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  • Business intelligence just got 10x smarter

    In conjunction with our international technology partner, Infor, we’ve just released an even smarter BI. The new 10x version of Infor Business Intelligence modernizes data processing and enriches decision-making like never before. Infor BI 10x delivers advanced analytics and planning capabilities, self-service dashboards, and social collaboration for a more beautiful, modern, mobile, and social experience. […]

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  • Looking ahead: the future of BI

    What does the future of Business Intelligence look like? According to Sydney-based BI specialist, Sandeep Rao, here are 3 trends to look out for… Simplification – Every product needs to end up in the hands of its final user. BI’s real users are the decision makers in a company, statuesquely called the “Executives”. BI has successfully […]

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  • Can you measure BI?

    Mobilizing existing BI investments or building new content tailored for mobile users is becoming more pervasive and essential for day-to-day jobs. But after first implementation, continuing to be able to measure BI is essential for ongoing success. Ironically, most progressive companies measure everything in the organization, yet don’t have a good way to measure themselves […]

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  • Use your BQ to outsmart competitors

    Use your BQ to outsmart competitors

    Over the past decade, much has been made of not only our IQ, but our EQ too. Studies have shown that our Emotional Intelligence Quotient may actually be more fundamental to success in life than our IQ. Why? Some psychologists believe that standard measures of intelligence are simply too narrow and do not encompass the […]

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