EOH Infor Services Enterprise Asset Management Customer Panel at Infor Next 2017.

In the world of enterprise applications, the most effective solution is usually bestowed upon the largest organisation with the biggest budget. Yet, these applications are the engine room of all organisations, regardless of their size. Without effective solutions, businesses suffer from a lack of agility, responsiveness and flexibility, hindering management’s ability to make fast, sound decisions.

At the Infor Next 2017 conference, held at Montecasino in Fourways on the 21st of September, Infor’s Master Partner in Africa, EOH Infor Services, announced its latest Enterprise Asset Management software solution that is set to provide mid-sized organisations with the ability to reap the greatest benefit from their asset investments; enter EAM Xelerate.

“Mid-sized organisations face the same challenges as large organisations, no matter what industry they’re in,” confirms Barry Diedericks, EAM Subject Matter Expert at EOH Infor Services. “The difference is that mid-sized companies and organisations do not have the same resources as their larger counterparts to implement sophisticated IT solutions. The oversimplified, generic systems many opt for, implemented using a one-size fits all approach, do not allow them to compete effectively in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

A truly effective EAM solution

 To be truly effective, Diedericks believes that EAM solutions must entail a streamlined implementation process that can deliver benefits in weeks, not months or years. This forms the foundation for the expanded features that will be needed as the businesses evolve and grow.

Barry Diedericks, EOH Infor Services EAM Subject Matter Expert.

With a graphical user interface, predefined reports, key performance indicators, intuitive Web architecture and minimal hardware requirements, EAM Xelerate is able to capture reactive work, deliver effective reporting, generate proactive work, offer work order management including mobility, and handle stock management and procurement processes. It manages asset hierarchy, measurement and tracking, audit trails, budget management, call centre configuration, inventory, inspection and materials management, online procurement, mobile features, in-depth analytics, and business intelligence functionality.


“This mid-sized solution offers fast implementation, industry best practice processes, reduced implementation risk and stress for employees, and a lower overall total cost of ownership,” he confirms. “As a foundation for future success, it is ideal for companies and organisations that want to implement a solution rapidly and easily, but envision growth ahead and need long-term scalability and continuous improvement capabilities.”

In a highly globalised society, businesses are faced with the challenge of competing with the biggest companies and organisations around the world. As such, rapid adjustments to market trends are crucial and agility becomes the deciding factor between success and failure. “As demands force the business to change and grow, it is crucial that the scope of the business’ EAM solution can expand too. This requires full integration,” concludes Diedericks. “To be effective, the solution must have the ability to grow from limited sites to a global entity using multi-division, multi-site capabilities, and it must evolve as the complexity and scope of the product line or service increases.”